Saturday, December 19, 2009

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Ways to Waste Your Money During the Holidays

Love wasting money during the holidays on gifts no one wants, disposable decorations, and overpriced toys? After conducting interviews, here are some ways you can really waste your money. But these are just the tip of the iceberg.
What are ways you think people waste money during the holidays?
Buying a gift for someone? The best way to waste your money is on clothes that they haven't specifically asked for. It will be guaranteed to sit in their closet collecting dust for years to come!

Have a teenager who loves video games? Find an educational one. After all, it is a video game, they would love one that teaches them at the same time, right? Of course! Not. Have a blast knowing that that $40 video game has been sold to a reseller for $6.

Gadgets! Who wouldn't love a new 'gadget', right? Gadgets do all sorts of things. They can open bottles, find your remote and twirl your pasta right on the spoon! Wow! Hate to break it to you, but people have survived crushing cans on their own (yes there is actually a can crusher gadget). Gadgets quickly make it on the super highway to the junk drawer.

Funny Mugs/Dog Mugs/Cat Mugs/Any Mugs - People love dog mugs. There is nothing like taking your first sip of coffee in the morning putting your mouth to a dog face on a cup. It's going in their next garage sale!

Zhu Zhu Pets - This is the toy fad of 2009. But, these $8 Zhu Zhu pet hamsters are going for up to $60 (and it isnt' even Thanksgiving!). Go ahead, spend your money on this overpriced battery operated furball. It is sure to entertain your kids for MINUTES!

Poinsettias - Poinsettias are great for decorating, right? They are hard to take care of and usually die before Christmas. On top of that they are poisonous. So, go buy them! They will dry up, cause bugs, and maybe even poison your dog (and you can spend even more on a vet bill!). Savers go with fake ones. They last for years and wont' damage the family. Maybe its my brown thumb, who knows?

Frames - Frames are great. Unfortunately most people seem to be running out of places to put them! I spoke with one person who has one shelf in a closet dedicated to frames she has received through the years and just has not had any place to put them.Most people just regift them. Maybe that is why there are so many frames given during the holidays? Hmmm...

Personal Products - You found this great acne medicine, wrinkle reducer, or weight lost system. So, you think your friend with the same problem would love it! You would be his or her knight in shining armor. They would love you for introducing you to this miracle product and their life from this day forward would be so much better. Sorry folks, you are just going to upset them and might lose a friend. So, unless you have too many, it should probably remain your secret product.