Tuesday, April 27, 2010

212, Inc. Reviews How to Change a Behavior

We have all been in a position at one time or another when we wanted to change a habit, routine or personal discipline. Whether it be going to the gym and eating better, studying our trade at work or school, or maintaining better relationships in our lives -- changing our current behavior in order to get a better result is inevitable. Here are a few pointers on how to change your behavior.

5 Ways to Change Behavior

1.Take ownership. If you don't think you can change, you can't. Believe in your ability to change and take ownership before getting started.

2.Be patient. Positive, lasting results take time, usually 50% to 100% longer than most people initially think.

3.Accept difficulties. Real change takes real work. When setting out, be prepared to face challenges you didn't anticipate.

4.Refuse to be distracted. Something more important will inevitably come up. You need to make your development a priority and refuse to let distractions divert your path.

5.Maintain. Once you've started to see traction, don't declare victory. Sustainable change requires maintenance over a lifetime.