Tuesday, May 21, 2013

212 has Record Week!

I want to take the time to personally thank and congratulate everyone on our BEST WEEK EVER!

Last week our organization produced over 100k in revenue!

What does that mean???

1. We were able to reach over 10,000 customers
2. We secured over 900 customers for new services for our clients
3. Our closing ratio is at nearly 10% (versus the average 1% which is common amongst the more traditional forms of direct marketing and sales)
4. This will make our clients over 2.7 million over the next 2 years
5. We are getting bigger and better!

I want to specifically recognize our managers in NYC. Running at over a 35% profit margin! (--in the most expensive city :) ) A hard feat and deserved of a TON of positive recognition...FYI a certain well known company (named after a common fruit...) ran at around 37% last quarter...

All in all a great week. Thank you all for the hard work.


President/Captain/Boss Lady/Your Biggest Fan